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Ground Squirrel Control

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As is typical for ground squirrels, California ground squirrels live in burrows which they excavate themselves. Some burrows are occupied communally but each individual squirrel has its own entrance. Although they readily become tame in areas used by humans, and quickly learn to take food left or offered by picnickers, they spend most of their time within 80 feet of their burrow, and rarely go further than 160 feet from it. In the colder parts of their range, California ground squirrels hibernate for several months, but in areas where winters have no snow, most squirrels are active year-round. In those parts where the summers are hot they may also estivate for periods of a few days. California ground squirrels are often regarded as a pest in gardens and parks, since they will eat ornamental plants and trees. They commonly feed on seeds, such as oats, but also eat insects such as crickets and grasshoppers as well as various fruits. California ground squirrels' mating season is early spring and tend to last only for a few weeks. The females are considered to be promiscuous, so the individuals of one litter can be from multiple mates. The California ground squirrel has one litter of five to eleven per year, with gestation of around one month. The young open their eyes at about five weeks and reach sexual maturity after one year old. The coloration of the young is slightly lighter than the adults and molting occurs at about 8 weeks of age - when the young leave the burrows. California ground squirrels can live up to six years of age. If you believe you have Ground Squirrels stablishing in your property, don't hesitate and give us a call for a FREE estimate! At G-Squad Pest Control we can help you!. We will provide a custom service plan to manage the Ground Squirrel problem in your property. We offer different methods based on pest population.

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